This Pittsburgh Penguin got absolutely smoked by Terrell Owens during training drills

Penguins defenseman Kris Letang has been getting some offseason training in after recovering from a herniated disc that ended his season in April. Unfortunately for Letang, this recent bout of training has only served to embarrass the defenseman when former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens came to play.

And play he did, as Owens absolutely smoked Letang on a routine deke that left the Penguins defenseman in the dust and out of frame on the video in a heartbeat.

It only seems fair now that Owens has to lace up skates and go one-on-one with Letang on the ice as the NHL season approaches. Considering the silky hands and skates Letang possesses in his natural element, we could be looking at quite the payback.

The study used data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study, with players matched between March 1 and July 1, 2017. Controlled variables included adolescent IQ, family background, and educational level. This included three types of studied subjects: all controls, those who played a noncollision sport, and those who did not play any sport.

So for those who attended high school 60 years ago, playing football didn’t expose itself as a major risk factor for later-life cognitive impairment or depression that comes with CTE. Despite the game being quite different today with bigger, faster, and stronger athletes, it still found that the risk today is similar as it was then.

The study also stated that, cognitive and depression outcomes later in life were found to be similar for high school football players and their nonplaying counterparts. That’s got to be even more comforting knowing that it’s as if they never played at all.

For players that have taken their careers to the next level, and the professional level, this isn’t necessarily encouraging. However, there has to be some relief for people who may have questioned what football may have done to their bodies just from playing high school ball.

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