Aaron Rodgers pokes fun at Tom Brady’s diet while giving his Hail Mary secrets

Aaron Rodgers has made a name for himself with the Hail Mary touchdown pass, which he executed three times in a span of 13 months. If you see Rodgers and the Packers setting up for a Hail Mary, there’s a good chance he’s going to complete it. In a recent interview with Talk of Fame Network, Rodgers was asked about the secret to completing a Hail Mary:

You’ve mastered the art of the Hail Mary. You’ve hit them against Lions, Giants, and Cardinals. So what’s the secret to completing a prayer?

Rodgers: Heh, you gotta be clean living. You gotta live a really clean life.

Tuesday, Jerry Jones told reporters, As you well know, because of his style and personality, it’s like a rock star wherever he goes in terms of attention, he said. Anybody that’s experienced that knows that takes getting used to. You have to learn many aspects of that. Certainly Zeke is evolving and being subject to needing to learn how to deal with the media and social media the way it is today.

Brian McCarthy, the NFL’s vice president of communications, told NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport the league is looking into the matter.

Wednesday, Jason Garrett gave reporters a similar message saying, We’re still gathering information on what that whole situation was.

The NFL has been investigating domestic violence allegations made against Elliott in 2016. The league presented its findings to Elliott on July 14, and sources told ESPN that Elliott is in the process of preparing a response.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Elliott could face a one- to two-game suspension for violating its personal conduct policy based on the results of the domestic violence investigation. Elliott was not charged or arrested, but the personal conduct policy is broad and is not dependent on the same burden of proof as the legal system.

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