New study finds there’s no cognitive risk from playing high school football

Chronic Traumatic Encephelopathy (CTE) in football has become one of the biggest issues they face after finishing their careers. However, a recent study from JAMA Neurology suggests that former high school football players do not face an enhanced risk. The findings from the study (which took on 3,904 men with an average age of 64.4 […]

Samuel L. Jackson REALLY didn’t want the Patriots to win Team of the Year at the ESPYs

It’s hard being a sports fan especially when you’re tasked with potentially handing an award to your least favorite team. Foreman was able to post bond, which totaled $1,000 for the drug charge and $3,500 for the weapons charge. He was released around noon on Sunday. Campus police responded to a report of the smell […]

This Pittsburgh Penguin got absolutely smoked by Terrell Owens during training drills

Penguins defenseman Kris Letang has been getting some offseason training in after recovering from a herniated disc that ended his season in April. Unfortunately for Letang, this recent bout of training has only served to embarrass the defenseman when former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens came to play. And play he did, as Owens absolutely […]

Khalil Mack is endorsing Mack Trucks because Draymond Green told him to

It’s become borderline clich to say 2016 NFL Defensive Player of the Year Khalil Mack hits like his namesake 18-wheeler. That kind of branding opportunity wasn’t lost on the good folks at Mack Trucks. That’s the issue Falcons diehard and very famous actor Samuel L. Jackson faced when presenting the ESPY for Team of the […]

Watching NFL rookies get upset about their Madden ratings is so much fun

It’s that magic time again: Madden rating season. We get to watch as NFL players become angry at their video game analogs, and 2017 will keep up the tradition of rookies overrating themselves, then reacting to the numbers. This year’s twist is having the rooks grade their ratings with emojis. The results were, as always, […]